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Streamline Media is a premier and dynamic talent agency and a production and distribution company. Our goal is to bring the latest in Esports events to the digital screen by sourcing the very best in talent and production. We believe that by pooling the top talent and bringing unparalleled production and distribution to the fore, we get to showcase the top teams that are part of the Esport Arena.

At Streamline Media, we invite you to become part of the lead production and distribution agency. Our streamlined processes ensure that the best quality production is achieved while ensuring newly recruited artists and influencers have an established platform to grow and make their mark in the industry.

Our purpose is to ensure that we deliver on our promise of high-quality service and strategy for your next Esport event. Our solutions include the provision of outstanding event production and distribution. With an expert team to deliver the most impressive solutions, we can help you bring your next Esport event to the small and big screen.

Our event production and distribution services are conducted by a highly expert team utilizing cutting edge technology and broadcasting solutions. With every project undertaking, we ensure that our audiences experience their favorite Esports events as never before!

Streamline Media has partnered with Streamline gaming to bring you live events with crisp clarity and uninterrupted viewing pleasure.

Meet the Streamline Team

Chan Zheng Man

Executive Director

As an esports enthusiast and a member of the gaming community, Chan understands the need for under-developed regions to be represented in the esports scene. Today, working with a global team, he strives to bring the best in esports from across the globe onto the international stage.

Thomas Pond

Casting Director

Thomas is a siege veteran who spends his free time researching the game and the way it’s played. He holds no bounds to regions working as a caster/analyst across APAC, NA, and EU. Outside of siege, Pond spent his college years as a D3 swimmer and finished his degree in Biomedical engineering. Pond now works full time as a biomedical imaging device field engineer, which is his dream career.

Kelvin Koh

Head of Production, SEA

Kelvin, formerly a competitive player and esports coach with a combined 7 years of experience now joins Streamline to help in growing the esports scene in Asia. With a strong passion in esports, today he leads the production scene for Streamline in Asia.

Marcus Nguyen

Head of Casting, OC

Marcus is a Siege veteran, having played since 2016 and currently casts as well as plays support for Team Something. With 4 years experience on PS4 and 1 year on PC, he'll tell you about all the old days of siege, despite being younger than 20. Outside of Siege, Sawt is a student in the middle of his Immunology and International Relations studies.


Head of Casting, SA

Kaustav "Dovah" Kashyap Das has been in the Rainbow Six Scene in the Indian Sub Continent for over 4 years now. He believes in teamwork and co-ordination over aim and gunplay. Having had years of competitive experience as a Pro Rainbow Six player, playing for teams like Akatsuki( now KIRA Esports ), and LYSE VALIANTS. He has a whole lot of expereince that he brings to the casting table.

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Every successful business relies on a great team, and Streamline Studios is no different.

At Streamline Media, our team is built on a strong collaboration to provide extraordinary service and exceptional teamwork. We boast of team members who are passionately dedicated to creating strong, long-term relationships with each client and candidate we work with. Every team-member is hard-working, knowledgeable, goal-oriented, passionate, and motivated about providing you an extraordinary experience.

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Streamline Media includes an experienced production and distribution team. We handle every aspect of your event with high-quality production techniques. Our team consists of skilled, qualified, and experienced technicians with advanced equipment and digital techniques to bring your sports event to life.

Streamline Media will provide opportunities to companies looking to sponsor an event or promote media techniques through our talents. By partnering with the top companies, we can help you with artists, influencers, and much more.

We provide lead production services for a variety of Esports events. Streamline Media will make your venture a reality when you need to live broadcasting and a dedicated distribution company to maximize your exposure.

Streamline Media aims to provide small to large screen events with the highest quality production and distribution technology. By partnering with lead talent agencies, we bring the best artists to the fore. Our purpose is to become the fastest growing and most effective distributors and producers in the Esports industry.

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